2012 Race Info

Please click here for 2012 info.  Two races this year instead of just one!

For more info, contact Jason at Gearhead Cyclehouse via email or 870-910-5569

2011 Results

Click here for 2011 results. Thanks to all the riders, volunteers and officials for making the race go smoothly. A big thank you to our sponsors for supporting the event.

2010 Results

A Race

1. Nate Rice
2. Larry Yancey
3. Ryan Bosio
4. Dimitri Harris
5. Roger McMillan Jr

B Race

1. Mike Suminski
2. Eric Gilbert
3. Caleb Pierce
4. Jason Broadaway
5. Vivian Chwalinski **1st Place women**
6. Cooper Skleton

C Race

1. GW Sorrells
2. Jeff Chastain
3. Roger McMillan Sr
4. Lance Bryant


1. Vivian Chwalinski
2. Patty Abraham
3. Donna Gilbert


1. Dub Sorrells **Overall C Race 1st Place**
2. Forrest Greene
3. Oscar Gilbert **1st place Unicycle**